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Puppy and YOU-

Skyler’s Siberians understands that “unforeseen occurrences befall us all”(Ecc. 9:11), so with this in mind we REQUIRE all puppy buyers to sign our     return policy- stating that should, for whatever reason, you are not able to take care of the puppy/dog, you return him/her back to us. This way we can ensure that all our pups are well taken care of, and we will always know where they are.


​Our licensed veterinarian:


Dr. Shae Milller

2766 Martin Way E #D

Olympia, WA 98506

(360) 786-1942

Puppies are dewormed every two weeks AND vaccinated before leaving. Every puppy goes home with a goodie bag containing deworming & vaccination records, health guarantee, and limited AKC registration papers. Show prospect pups are considered only after the pup is evaluated at 8wks. A small bag of, only the best, organic (high protein) non-grain kibbles. I always send home a toy or a little something with mom and littermates smell on it, this helps the transition process.

​​Please spend some time researching Siberian Huskies. Talk to people who have them. You will see that they can become a cherished member of your family. Then, give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with a loving dog that will bring years of enjoyment to your family.




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