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"We breed for Health, TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY"!!!
** OFA and EMBARK Tested & Certified **!!

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To be "owned" by a Siberian Husky - is one of life's GREATEST joys!"



At Skyler’s Siberians, we understand that thinking about being owned by a Siberian husky, is an investment and a HUGE commitment for you and your family. We will spend as much time as needed to answer all of your questions or concerns you will no doubt have. We welcome you to also consider stopping by our ‘husky haven’ to visit our pack and see how well socialized they are. I raise them for PERSONALITY AND TEMPERAMENT - Not just for looks (even though they are gorgeous!!)
These Sibes are our family members and are treated as such. We feed them only the best "Non-grain Kibble", usually mixed with a little bit of left over roast or chicken from the kitchen. HERE'S A LINK TO ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS WE ADD. Our pack gets to enjoy 2 1/2 acres of green grass. They LOVE diggin for the annoying moles!!     



Siberian Huskies have a beauty that most people say is “breath taking”—I agree 100%. They have a personality and energy unlike any other breed. Once you have the privilege to be owned by a husky, you will never want any other breed! However….They are FAR from your typical Lab or Retriever, so PLEASE research before investing. Research the Siberians needs and traits that THEY ALL HAVE!! A very good site to learn more about the Siberian Husky, is the "AKC" site (click on the AKC link). Another piece of literature for raising a husky puppy is found here: The Barking Boutique. Siberians are closely related to the Wolf.  Wolves thrive on being part of a “PACK”, and so do huskies! They cannot be left alone (in a kennel, in your home or put outside) all day while you go to work or school. They will go crazy!! NO... SERIOUSLY CRAY CRAY!!! They also become destructive when bored.  Huskies get easily bored… after all they are a “working” breed. They are so much happier when given proper exercise DAILY!!

Siberian huskies have an energetic but eager-to-please temperament. The more you understand their personality, the better equipped you’ll be to complete their training.

Remember their ancestry and what they were bred to do—run with the pack. Allow your husky plenty of opportunity to exercise while gently reminding him that you’re the leader. Be kind, consistent, and confident with your training. Your husky has a brilliant mind, and he should easily learn your commands and cues. So as far as purchasing a husky from us here ya go.... :

We breed for Personality and Temperament! Yes, our babies are show quality... But, we believe that Temperament and Personality outweigh Aesthetics! 

Huskies are euthanized, unfortunately, in shelters nation wide. This is due to the fact that people do not do their research on the breed, and therefore surrender them to the shelter. The shelters even require that you not only have a fenced yard, but that it is 6ft or taller! They understand that huskies have a high prey drive too. This means that if the husky isn’t raised around a cat from puppy hood, most likely your cat will not survive! Anything that is small, runs and looks fun to play with, is going to be mauled by this breed. So with all their needs and traits, the shelters rarely find a prospective family for the husky, and therefore put them down....
Our litters are raised indoors, and leave with:
*6 and 8 week vaccinations
* Microchipped with AKC RE-Unite
*They also are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.
*Our puppies are socialized from day 1 . 
*Our 2-year health guarantee.
*Halter, collar and a leash.
* A Keepsake, framed, "Paw Print" made the day they leave.
*Food, toy and a blanket with momma's smell on it to help with transition. Food, treats ect...
*They each have a personal "puppy folder" with all documents. This includes a puppy vaccine record, scrapbook pics of them starting at a week old. Also a page with a pic of both parents.


























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